Housing Blooms in Long Beach and Beyond

The veterans living at Century Villages at Cabrillo are living proof of the healing power of quality affordable housing

“I was living in LA with my mom and two sons. I was having a lot of problems. A lot of financial ups and downs. A lot of career ups and downs trying to do whatever I could do to make ends meet, survive and feed my kids. At the same time I was really having a tough time with my… ego. I graduated from college, Navy. I thought, I’m in my 30’s already. I was in an MA/PhD program at UC Santa Barbara. And, that was going good for a while but the problem with [the relationship with my ex-wife] and my own emotional struggles got to be too much. For me, the solution was to drink. I wasn’t getting the work done. I eventually lost my student grant. That forced me to move back home. I was just trying to find a way but it was just too unmanageable for me.”

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Century was selected as lead developer for the revitalization of the VA campus in West LA

Century and partners Thomas Safran & Associates and U.S.VETS formed the West LA Veterans Collective to become principal developers of the 200-acre West LA VA North Campus. The Collective is tasked with planning, developing, and operating at least 1,200 affordable and supportive homes for homeless veterans, and renovating this bucolic and nationally significant community.

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