NPT best nonprofit to work for 2021

Century Makes 2021 Best Nonprofits to Work For List

NPT best nonprofit to work for 2021

We are honored that, once again, Century made the 2021 Best NonProfits to Work For list! The list is published annually by The NonProfit Times, the leading national business publication for nonprofit management. Participating nonprofits were vetted via a host of surveys, including employees, managers and outside vendors.

In this national competition, Century was ranked Number 10 among its peer medium organizations and Number 21 among all nonprofit organizations. Century employees were very positive in the survey comments, noting that “Century is responsive, with compliments, encouragement, and financial incentives.” Another stated they felt “respected” and that “leadership works very hard and are ethical.”

Fern Hendrickson, Century’s Vice President of Human Resources, told the The NonProfit Times, “To protect employees after the pandemic outbreak, CHC staff who could, worked remotely. Some staff are back working one to two days a week in the office but others—particularly those in supportive housing developments—cannot work remotely because they’re considered essential. More people are working remotely because we have learned that we can do this and meet our obligations.” Fern added, “People are under a great deal of pressure during the pandemic. This allows them time to take care of Zoom school, and parents and grandparents.”

“Like many Best Nonprofits, CHC would typically have a number of employee gatherings in person throughout the year, whether it was a summer kickoff barbecue, Thanksgiving feast, celebrations of birthdays or service anniversaries. “We miss all that since the pandemic,” Hendrickson said, and leadership has promised the biggest party yet once it’s safe to do so.”

This is Century’s fourth time making the list, reflecting Century’s positive alignment with our mission and our culture.