Remember to VOTE YES on 41

Vote YES on 41The June 3rd primary election is almost here, and there’s a great reason to make it out to the polls: Proposition 41, The Veterans Housing & Homeless Prevention Act.

More than 200,000 California veterans live in poverty, but the existing bond program previously approved by voters to help house our veterans is no longer effective in today’s market. The original bonds were designed to help veterans acquire single-family homes that are now out of reach for most everyone, especially veterans. Proposition 41 takes $600 million from the existing bond program which is not being used and redirects it to create new, service-enriched affordable rental housing. It is important to note that Proposition 41 does not create any new taxes.

Century has been a long-time supporter of veterans, having invested more that $100 million toward the development of affordable housing targeting veterans throughout California. We hope that you join us in voting YES in Proposition 41 and spreading the word to your social network!