Thank you Wells Fargo

Thank you, Wells Fargo, for $125k award!

Thank you Wells Fargo

Century headed into the summer with the renewed support of one of our longest and strongest financial partners: Wells Fargo! A $125,000 award will support ongoing efforts to preserve and build affordable housing at three Century developments: the Villages at Cabrillo (CVC, Long Beach), One San Pedro (OSP, San Pedro), and the West LA VA Campus (WLA, Los Angeles).

Across these three sites, Century has more than 1,500 units of affordable housing planned over the next 15+ years.

“Wells Fargo has been a fantastic partner to the Villages for many years,” CVC Executive Director Steve Colman said. “We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support, which has allowed us to continue meeting our primary goal: to keep Veterans, seniors, and families with children housed.”

Century has recently obtained site plan approval and critical funding commitments from the County of Los Angeles and the City of Long Beach for The Cove, the latest development phase at the Villages. This project will add 90 supportive homes to the 27-acre supportive housing community, which currently houses more than 1,500 individuals who have previously experienced homelessness.

In addition to developing affordable and permanent supportive housing, Century provides mission driven property management, along with residential services that help residents remain successfully housed, live independently, and progress toward self-sufficiency at the Villages. Century will eventually offer these critical services at both One San Pedro and the West LA VA Campus when they open.