Residents Find
Dignity and Hope

Stability and Peace After Years of Experiencing Homelessness

Growing up the youngest of eight siblings, Joseph had a rough-and-tumble childhood. The influence of some of his older brothers led him to experiment with drugs, which eventually became an addiction. When Joseph wasn’t in prison, he was battling his demons on the streets: “I’ve spent years in some of the most dangerous places.”

Joseph learned about the Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC) through his case manager, in between stays at shelters. He was elated when he received the opportunity to move into Anchor Place: “It’s a godsend, it’s a miracle. I was homeless for so many years.” Joseph’s team of service providers connected him with resources to address his physical and mental health issues that went untreated for years. According to Joseph, the convenience of having an onsite medical clinic has made managing his health possible: “I’ve gotten answers about what was going on with me. I always have support here.”

Joseph is now going on his sixth year at Anchor Place and relishing every moment. “If I’m not in an appointment, I like to exercise and dance in my house to oldies, and catch up on news and sports,” he said. Having his own space has also given him the opportunity to indulge in cooking, a hobby he picked up as a child. After years of uncertainty, Joseph has finally found joy:

“I love my solitude. I’m excited to be alive.”

A Place to Call Home for Single Mother and Children

Christina had two young daughters – ages two and one – and nowhere to live after a breakup with the girls’ father. They moved from New York to Southern California where Christina grew up: “We stayed at a multifamily center, did hotel vouchers – we were really homeless. We were starting from scratch.”

For a period, Christina and her daughters stayed in the family shelter at the Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC). She saw a brochure about Cabrillo Gateway which was under construction, and knew instantly she wanted to live there. Shortly thereafter, Christina got a call from Century’s property management team that changed her life: “Next thing I know, I’ve signed the paperwork, and we’ve been at Cabrillo Gateway for almost eight years.”

Since then, Christina has gotten her college degree, worked for the county, and had a third child – a son. She’s also pursuing a new career in massage therapy: “I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this if I didn’t have the stability of the Villages. Being here has really helped me as a single parent of three.”

Christina is grateful for the welcoming environment for children, with holiday events and amenities for families: “My kids grew up here, and it’s really great with the parks and playgrounds on campus, and all their friends are here. We’re our own tight-knit community.” It’s the place that Christina has always envisioned for herself and for her children:

“When I’m here, I don’t have any worries. I’ve finally found a place I can call home.”