Inglewood Home Assist Fund

Join the City of Inglewood and Century to score big for affordable housing

Exciting developments have brought the world to the City of Inglewood for sports, entertainment, and business opportunities. But for Inglewood residents, these changes have come at a cost with rising rents leading to tough choices.

The Inglewood Home Assist Fund (Inglewood Fund), made possible by the City of Inglewood and Mayor James T. Butts in connection with the construction of the Intuit Dome, takes center court as a $75 million initiative to meet the growing demand for housing in the City of Inglewood. Century Housing, along with our partners, will administer the fund by lending to qualified developers for the acquisition, development, and preservation of affordable and mixed-income housing. Developers based in Inglewood will receive priority.

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Focus & Availability

The Inglewood Fund will provide specialized financing for the acquisition, preservation, and development of affordable housing and mixed-income housing in Inglewood.

  • Loan products include predevelopment, acquisition, construction, and permanent financing
  • 3% fixed interest rates
  • Expert origination team with local experience
  • Take a leading role in the development of critically needed affordable housing